COATS is an indie-pop artist, songwriter, and producer from Nashville, now residing in Los Angeles. With his mother being the first folk act signed to MoTown Records, and his father being the lead singer of the rock band Driver, COATS delivers a unique perspective of songwriting through storytelling, coupled with layers of atmospheric 70s-inspired vocals, and ambient electronic production.

COATS is inspired by the culture, street-style and gritty art scene that make up L.A. Through his lens of melancholia, he pulls energy & inspiration from this dystopian paradise. He draws from his first-hand struggles with depression and anxiety, love and loss…and that all comes through in the juxtaposed themes in his music.

COATS believes that a little bit of love and light can go a long way. And that there’s nothing a little bit of adderall, and leaving your soul on the dance-floor, can’t fix.