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Omni TV (Portugal) Faces Off with Midnight Ambassador

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Midnight Ambassador (André Graça) stopped into Portuguese Rádio Camões and Omni Television’s Focus Portuguese while at Indie Week Toronto last month. With more registered people of Portuguese heritage in Canada than most major cities in his home country, Midnight Ambassador has created a proud army of followers there with vast[…]

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U.S. Terrestrial Radio Premier goes to KEXP Seattle

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With continual streaming growth on all DSP’s since it’s recent release, Midnight Ambassador’s new single Pleasure is living up to its name. Hitting top ten listener charts and heavy rotation playlists in more than one country, Pleasure gained it’s U.S. terrestrial radio premier on KEXP Seattle this past Saturday afternoon;[…]

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Midnight Ambassador showcases Indie Week Canada

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Following Midnight Ambassador’s successful showcase at Canadian Music Week earlier this year, Canada opens its doors again, officially inviting the band to play Indie Week in Toronto. The premiere emerging artist festival in Canada will host five days and nights of music, showcases, and the Indie 101 conference, to more[…]

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