‘The Interstellar Tennis Championship’ hits Australia

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Australian-based Background and In-Store music company, Marketing Melodies adds two tracks off of Carter Vail’s new EP release, The Interstellar Tennis Championship. First single off the EP, Rocket Guy gets placed into the company’s Indie Channel, as well as added to in-store programming in both Kathmandu and Oakley. Focus track[…]

‘Rocket Guy’ blasts off to Fresh Finds Indie

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Five days after the release of sophomore EP, The Interstellar Tennis Championship by Carter Vail, Spotify adds Rocket Guy (the first single off the project) to their Fresh Finds Indie playlist. Interestingly enough, two back catalog tracks also got added to Spotify’s Discover Weekly. The three algorithm-based playlists have helped[…]

Music Video for ‘Okay’ gets fit.

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As Circulate prepares for the re-release of Sam Opoku’s track titled Okay, the music video begins to catch some steam. The first background music company to program the video is ClubCom, who curates music videos (and some audio) in more than a handful of fitness centers across the U.S., ranging[…]