Q4 Music Videos Programmed for In-Flight

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French airline Air Austral has programmed a few music videos for their in-flight video loop, that has been running during the Fall-Winter season. Melatonin by Carter Vail and This Is Why You Don’t by The Wagner Logic off the Dreamtime Palace imprint was chosen, alongside Plastic Places by Midnight Ambassador[…]

‘Astronauts’ Programmed throughout Australian Retail

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Australia’s most progressive and #1 truly independent in-store music provider, Marketing Melodies has programmed single Astronauts by Miami based alternative duo, Parker in their T2 Playlist, KoKo Black Playlist, and Indie Chill Channel throughout the month of December. Marketing Melodies’ storePlay service reaches business owners, cafes & restaurants, hairdressing salons[…]

Promo Only Reel-In Q4 Music Videos

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Music audio and video subscription service, Promo Only has begun to schedule out Circulate Music Q4 music videos to be featured in their popular All Hits HD and Video Express deliveries throughout December. For programming consideration, videos Circulate Music artist, Let It Swing (Ikkubaru), as well as Dreamtime Palace artists[…]

ClubCom Programs ‘Maybe its Alright’ Music Video

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Los Angeles based indie alternative band, Pure Mids gets support again from ClubCom, who’s programs music videos across various fitness centers through the United States. Their newest music video for Maybe It’s Alright was added to the companies Alternative/Rock genre based program where gym-goers will be able to watch it[…]