To get to know your project a bit more, please contact us with as much information as possible to start a dialog with our team, providing details from the following questions:

        • – What’s your story?
        • – What’s the current stage in your career?
        • – What projects are you working on?
        • – Do you have a team (creative, marketing, etc.)?
        • – Are you signed to a Booking Agent/Agency or Music Publisher (if so, where are things at with these deals?)
        • – Link to Biography
        • – Live Performance & Touring History
        • – Do you currently have merch inventory or have had merch in the past (if so, list your merch, which items have worked well for you and why, and what merch company you have arrangements/agreements with)
        • – Previous and/or Current Campaign Highlights
        • Current lifetime + monthly analytics taken from Amazon Music for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Pandora AMP, and Spotify for Artists.
        • – Links to your Website, Video Content, Press Shots, Social Profiles and Gigs
        • – Link to Sound Cloud (released + unreleased works, public or private)
        • – Link to Spotify profile (distributed works)


What’s the difference between Artist provided services and Label provided services?

There really isn’t too much of a difference. If you are a rightsholder that has a catalog of music and have an active release schedule, then Circulate will review what the release strategy will be. This would also include seeing if Circulate is ideal for distributing all music videos for such rightsholder.

What should I (or my team) expect with reporting?

We’ll be using Google docs to allow artists and teams to check-up on our campaign efforts, in real-time.


I see you offer Digital Distribution trough The Orchard/Sony. What splits are offered through Circulate Music?

Circulate Music has an amazing split with The Orchard (Sony) which was grandfathered in from a D3 deal with IODA before the two companies merged in 2012. This frees-up a higher % of gross royalties than most major digital distribution offers that allows us to collect a higher share of royalties. We offer anywhere between a 50/50 to 35/65 split (in favor of you) where we provide rightsholders access to their accounting, analytics and catalog via The Orchard workstation, resources and tools to help create a digital marketing strategy for each release, and artist or label services covering negotiated licensing, marketing and promotions.

How does Circulate Music provide access to view my royalty earnings?

Currently, each rightsholder has access to their own analytics and accounting via The Orchard’s workstation. Rightsholders must access this through a verified security app called Guardian. Royalties generated outside of The Orchard, such as background or in-flight music, including micro-sync royalties, will be presented via email and/or PayPal royalty payout reporting.

I have co-writers and other collaborators to pay out royalties to. How does Circulate Music help with that?

Since Circulate Music has an agreement in place with rightsholders (the artist or band), at the moment, our deal structure states that rightsholders understand and agree to pay any and all royalties due to individuals and parties they are obligated to payout. This goes for any agreements you, as a rightsholder have agreed to on any audio and audio visual we distribute for you. Our royalty payout goes to one source only, for all rightsholders signing an agreement with us.

However, The Orchard has added a Collaborators section into their Workstation. What’s exciting about this feature is that CM will be able to set collabs to scheduled  releases in order to help manage royalty splits for each rightsholder. Upon request, CM will also be able to generate Excel reports for each Collaborator on a quarterly basis. Each report will calculate what portion of each revenue line from statement should be allocated to each Collaborator, based on the agreed splits.

How does Circulate Music payout royalties and when?

Royalties that meet the minimum $25.00 threshold, gets paid out before the 20th of each calendar month. For domestic rightsholders living in the U.S.A., we payout royalties through either Zelle or PayPal. For rightsholders living outside of the U.S.A., we pay through PayPal. This will all change by late Q1 2020, as we begin working with a new and improved accounting system to shed light on transparency.

I´m releasing soon, how can Circulate Music help me?

First and foremost, we need to hear the track, EP or record you’re looking to release. Second, we look at your analytics. From there, we can then determine what resources can be poured into an agreed, yet specific release schedule.

I’m needing to schedule a Takedown for my release and wondering if Circulate Music can re-release it for me?

Yes, so long as you retain your ISRC for each release. This is essential in keeping your stats up on Apple Music + Spotify. To do so, we need to schedule a re-release, and then wait 3-4 business days until you schedule a ‘take-down’ of the same release aggregated by your previous distributor of such release.

There’s a Territory I need Carved-Out. Can Circulate Music distribute to the rest of the world?

Yes, we support specific territorial and DSP ‘carve outs’. For example, if you are signed to a Japanese label that delivers or wants to deliver to Apple Music and Spotify in Japan, we can tell client services at The Orchard to carve these out for your release. However, this means Circulate Music will not have the rights to license, market and promote in such carved-out territories.

I might sign my release over to a German based label. Can Circulate Music schedule a carve-out in Germany if I sign with them?

In distribution terms, a carve-out is simply ‘opting out’ of a territory. Most of the time, in a situation like this, we would honor such a request, unless Circulate Music has already either, (1) applied a budget in said territory, (2) exercised resources, marketing and/or promotion services in said territory, and/or (3) recently developed a success story in said territory from the likes of sync license, media support or generated industry interest (artist mgmt., booking agent, touring, etc.) of which we’d negotiate a Break Fee with the label (party) of interest.

Does Circulate Music Double Dip?

Oh no, we do not double dip! Meaning that if Circulate Music digitally distributes and manages your career, we would not take a cut from both agreements. We do however take the highest percentage from either agreement. For example, if we digitally distribute your project at a 50/50 split, Circulate Music would solely retain 50% of royalties collected from digital distribution vs. say 15% from artist management services.

What is Circulate Music’s relationship with LeakySync to pitch my music for Sync?

LeakySync is the sync licensing division for Circulate Music. For more details on our sync music licensing services, please click here.

Does Circulate Music provide PR for releases?

We do not provide PR services in the traditional sense; HOWEVER, we do contact music platforms and media for editorial, production and exclusive premier consideration when the time is right.

What is Circulate Music’s Digital Release Strategy?

For the past couple of years, we’ve built a Digital Release Strategy (DRS) that has grown into a great task manager for everyone involved in the campaign process. The DRS provides a campaign schedule, broken-up by Pre-release and Post-release tasks. Each release time frame indicates media type categories, from DSP Pitching to Background/In-Flight music promotions. Each phase indicates who does what. In fact, artists and their team are able to add their tasks into it as well from Google docs, establishing live transparence reporting.

What is Circulate Music’s primary marketing and promotion support for releases?

With over 20+ years marketing and promoting music, our team has morphed into specializing in:

  • – DSP Playlist Pitching (Amazon Music, Apple Music, Boomplay, Deezer, KKBox, Simfy Africa, Spotify, Tencent, Tidal, VK, etc.)
  • – Vevo editorial pitching,
  • – For ASCAP and BMI members, we’ll coordinate feature opportunities with Jamendo Music (Exclusives are optional)
  • – Background, Foreground & In-Flight Music Promotions (audio + music videos)
  • – Internet & Satellite Radio Promotions
  • – Monitored Radio Delivery (emailed to 200+ various radio relations via Disco)