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  • Release date: November 23, 2018
  • Label: Circulate Music | Dreamtime Palace
  • Catalog #: PPC-03-2018

Written by Muhammad Rizky (vocals, guitar, co-producer), and inspired by Sufi figure, Rumi who’s words “You are the universe in ecstatic motion” had motivated Rizky to write ‘Ecstatic’; as he imagined himself having some kind of strange trip or experience. The scenes on the trip were glitchy, repeating over and over again, as if time stops and the world stops spinning, too feeling he needed to experience that exact moment again and again, in order to find whatever it is he’s seeking. More deeply, it related to one of his half-lucid dreams that made him believe that fate does exist. Rizky tried to change the dream as it repeated five-times, though everything lead to the same result or ending. The lucid dream also relates to the lyrics of Ping Pong Club’s first single, ‘Venetian Blinds’ saying, “’no matter how far I try, life will get me there”.