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Hush (feat. Marie Léger)

  • Release date: June 29, 2018
  • Label: Dreamtime Palace
  • Catalog #: CM-15-2018

Hush is the debut single by the young French musician, WIND MILE, featuring Marie Léger. This song is about the deadlock in which silence can put us sometimes; simply an outlet to finally break this silence, using music. It was the first track Marie Léger (singer, songwriter) and Antonin Côme (guitar, synth, producer) composed during their one-year journey and stay in Norway, produced and recorded in their tiny Bergen apartment. For the mix, Antonin worked with Los Angeles based producer and recording artist, Steven Martinez (Pure Mids, The Ambient Light). Dutch visual artist, Roos Janssen collaborated with the duo to design the artwork for Hush, explains, “Songs describe stories, just like pictures describe memories. I wanted to create a new memory by compiling layers. Layers of a story.”