S.U.N. (Scientific Universal Noncommercial)

For some, Hip Hop has seemingly devolved over the past decade or more; fallen into a trap of constant self-deprecation for the single focus of making money. S.U.N. (Scientific Universal Noncommercial), born Santonio Hughbanks, has taken the initiative to return the music and the culture to its distinguished past, while bringing a refreshing and original sound back to the forefront.

S.U.N.’s distinguished career has led him to work directly with some of the biggest names in the business. As a member of the Fonkey Bald Heads he had the opportunity to work with the late Prince. He has recorded with, and had featured appearances on his records by such hip hop luminaries as Juice, OneBeLo, Bizarre (D-12), and Buff 1 among countless others. He was listed by the Metro Times (Detroit Weekly) as “one of several local artists who should be credited for the evolution of the Hip Hop scene in Detroit, MI.”

S.U.N.’s lyrical prowess comes from his upbringing in Ypsilanti, MI. where the inability of people to rise above their conditions has been an inspiration to project their plight through his words. Through viral exposure he has generated, whether on the streets or Internet, such songs like ‘Black Economics’ and ‘Give Me Understanding’ have become anthems for the impoverished and disenfranchised around the world.

In his 4th album release titled ‘Uni-verses’ (2006), S.U.N. has found himself and this masterwork, once again in the role of a musical trailblazer. A distinguished veteran of the Detroit Hip Hop scene, S.U.N. has astonishingly redefined his unique blend of Hip Hop, Afro beat, and Soul with a recording style that flows like one continuous song over the course of multiple tracks. The genius lies in the fact that all of the tracks contain only One Verse (thus ‘Uni-verses’), a concept that has also been adopted for his upcoming record, ‘YEAR of the SUN’.

With YEAR of the SUN, set to release for Summer 2016, S.U.N. shines once again, after much darkness has ached the world. One can hear Santonio often say, “conscious has awakened, they are ready for The S.U.N.” This new project has his fans heavily anticipating ever since the release of ‘The One’ (2009) – a healthy collection of songs S.U.N. recorded along the way after releasing ‘Uni-verses’.

S.U.N.’s live performances have won him acclaim all over the U.S. for his spontaneity, lyrical precision, impromptu accapellas, and top flight musicianship provided by the official live hip hop band of Detroit, the Gorilla Funk Mob. Unlike many emcees in the industry today, S.U.N. is a veteran of performing with live musicians and is equally at home performing with a band as he is with a DJ.

Off stage, S.U.N. is relaxed and contemplative. His favorite quote is simply “Underground music should be felt not heard.” When people witness him for the first time onstage, that is exactly what they experience. By the end of the show, they’re usually running to the ATM to get enough cash to buy his merch.