Legion Dubois


Born and raised in Uptown New Orleans, gifted with a talent for music at an early age, and blessed by the ancient spirits that haunt the culturally rich Crescent City known as The Big Easy, Legion Dubois’ musical stylings have been inspired by a wide array of influences. He recalls legendary Delta Blues king Robert Johnson to Dr. John the Night Tripper, as well as classic rap collectives like No Limit and Cash Money who have set the tone for him.

Not one to limit himself to just one genre of music, Legion’s sophisticated sonic tastes and repertoire of many talents are amazingly diverse and eclectic. His flirtatious funky forays into Electronica, Pop and Trip-Hop are a fearless, flavorful and fresh departure from the all too homogenized boring norms. Expertly blending the vibes of Creole Zydeco and Caribbean Calypso chants with traditional black Gospel call-and-response, while remaining true to his Southern Dixieland Jazz, Blues and Hip-Hop roots, Dubois has cleverly crafted a winning formula and magical recipe he’s coined ‘SPIRIT TRAP’; a double entendre and a slick play on words alluding to his extremely unique and tenuously poised combination of soulful melodies which he created at the Crossroads where he made a pact with the Spirit World.

SPIRIT TRAP is, in essence, where Trap Music meets the Spirit World face to face, tete-a-tete. They merge seamlessly and harmoniously in an infectious, irresistible dance of rhythm and ritual that calls forth the ancestors. Legion’s songs conjure up a palpably powerful energy; evoking from the ether a sensuous and seductive spell-casting specter that hypnotizes, beckons and bewitches the body, mind and heart . While both engaging the ear and simultaneously initiating the listener into the mysteries of Voodoo mysticism, Legion Dubois demonstrates a broad range of vocal and lyrical ability.

With tracks like, ‘Halleluyah’, ‘Ogun Mariwo’ and the well-received (soon to be released debut) single, ‘Other Side’, Legion Dubois will soon prove to be an emerging artist with limitless creative and commercial potential in the future to come. Taping into mainstream conspiracy theories, as in through song title ‘Chem Trails’, Dubois is also driven and poised to initiate thought provoking topics, where communities all over the world are beginning to question.

Legion Dubois ushers in a new era of marketable mass appeal with style, stamina and lyrical substance to sustain fan growth seeking the life he breaths into the mic. With the charm and verve that effortlessly draws a crowd, coming fresh to the scene and yet hauntingly familiar, his music speaks for itself.