Claraboia is a five piece driven by the amazing song writing skills of Filipa Ribeiro and Rui Sequeira. Already they are being dubbed a new Arcade Fire and even The National from various industry reps in their home country of Portugal with an international flavor of their own. Claraboia´s own description of their music could´t be closer than the translation of the name itself which means “Skylight”.

Claraboia follows a line of composition in an environmental style, which does not sin from a lack of energy and liveliness.

For their debut album titled Letters (6/28/2019), Claraboia created a journey through different times of their lives – real or fictional. Their songs range from melancholic, nostalgic, happy or liberating feelings, specific to each story through self-reflections, possibilities, dreams and resolutions. With the use of simple effects that come from the inspiration of musical mentors, both the debut album `Letters´ and especially their live show create a state of mind that allows us to travel with them; wrapped in a sea of sound, without leaving this space.

With the production skills of the very well known and respected Rui David, Letters is already on the lists of “Can’t wait to hear albums”. In relatively very little time at all, Claraboia have played at festivals such as Festa do Avante and Festival Nova Música, in addition to more intimate settings such as Sofar Sounds Lisbon, as well as venues from Popular Alvalade to Fórum Municipal Luísa Todi. They have opened for names like Surma, Luís Severo and Samuel Úria, all well known names in Portugal.