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Zain Wowed The Village @ Shambhala Fest

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In 2019 Zain was asked to Co-Direct & Compose the music for the Grand Opening Ceremony of the new Village Stage at Shambhala Music Festival

Over the course of three years he experimented with the fusion of orchestral and Bass music with the main goal being to help his audience rediscover the orchestra.  The final product resulted in lush symphonic suites with a full sampled orchestra, hundred peice choir, violin solos, vocalist, and Taiko drummers; all of which dropped into surprising and intense drum and bass landscapes.

The musical debut of this new expression in bass music took place this past Friday on July 22nd, when Zain’s sonic vision took center  stage.  Every beat was meticulously choreographed to incredible performances by Le Cirque De La Nuit. Throughout the set, elegant vocals by Adrian the Faint mesmerized the audience sending them into a deep emotional journey.

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