Music Video for Que Aquí Estoy Yo hits the Gym

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Fitness background music company, ClubCom supports Los Angeles based Latin Pop artist and popular voice over talent, Alfonso Lugo. His video for Que Aquí Estoy Yo was recently added to their Latin Music program reaching large Latino communities from Miami to Southern California, where gym-goers will be able to watch[…]

Destination, Twitch.

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Initially established by Circulate Music’s A&R team for its roster, the idea of figuring out how to team-up artists with venues, virtually had grown into looking to support live acts outside the roster. Branded as iLiveYouToo, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the feel-good brand is still in beta, while forging new[…]

Martini Dry, please!

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In a consecutive release, Alen Tagus has been supported by Spotify, curating the band’s new single, Martini Dry in their New Music Friday (Portugal) playlist. The band is featured with the likes of Bob Dylan, Dua Lipa and Wiz Khalifa.